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February 11, 2020

Plant of the Month: Snake Plants


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This is the place to explore the beauty of Design & Coastal Life+Style. We will share everything that makes our hearts happy. Local spots, creators, authentic souls we meet, good vibes, and of course our beautiful design community.


Every month we’re shining a light on our must-have designer plants and the expert tips you need to keep them thriving! Send us a note to design your plant-filled home at

This month’s feature is the beautiful shades-of-jade Snake Plant. There are 70 different species of the tropical gem, and bonus – it’s evergreen.

If you are a fellow plant killer, this plant is your perfect mate, {and Rachel approved}. Some of us just can’t keep a good plant alive, but don’t give up hope! The odds are in your favor with this one.

So how do you select the best snake plant for your home?

Think first of your color palette. Is it warm or cool? You might think, well… it’s just a plant, but your plants bring in some of the strongest colors to your space. What shade complements your design aesthetic? Is it warm and golden, or a cool muted sage? It’s all in the details, friends.


What’s really cool about this plant, in particular, is you buy one but end up with so many if you propagate it. Perfect if you plan to use it as a designer wall outdoors.

Keep in mind, these can be toxic for your fur babies, keep your dogs from chewing on them.

(Decorative wall from Pinterest)

Another reason we love the snake plant – it’s very forgiving and can go weeks without watering. For those of us traveling, mothering, and chasing those big dreams, they give us some grace. And we can all use a little of that.


A lot of you have asked, what’s our secret to the full whispy greens in our feature? The answer may surprise you.

A smaller pot. Super simple, right? The roots are very delicate with the snake plant, but if you gently transplant it to a smaller pot, it will start to grow in a spiral pattern instead of thinning out as it gets taller.

We hope you love these plants as much as we do!

Cheers to design with wellness in mind,

Rachel + Lauren

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