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February 3, 2020

Healthy Habitation: Bedroom Self Care Makeover


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Healthy Habitation
Bedroom edition


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This is a great time to check-in with yourself and the most overlooked area of your home. Surprisingly, it’s the space you spend the most restorative time in, your bedroom.

We all know how important it is to get rest, but do you consider the quality? Designing a space for wellness goes beyond adding pretty accents, it can actually {believe it or not} change your life. This is an element of our design philosophy that we cherish, infusing your home with tools to increase well-being.

If you need a refresh, you can always schedule a design date with us at

Before we dive into the best ways to design & maximize your wellness, here’s why you should commit to these practices for the ultimate self-care.

Improving your sleep can benefit ALL of these aspects in your life, according to the NHLB Institute:

  • Helps you make better decisions
  • Major mood booster
  • Helps boost your creative thinking
  • Let’s you own & control your emotions better
  • Can help you cope with changes in your life
  • Keeps you balanced + well

If that doesn’t convince you to consider your bedroom a sacred space, we don’t know what will.

So, let’s jump in!

Design Your Sensory Voyage

First, take a sniff. What does your bedroom smell like, that’s right, we’re for real. Our sense of smell is linked closely to memories, like a passage to our past. It can strongly influence your vibes + emotions, which is why we consider this one of the top areas to consider first. Think about walking into a spa, you immediately feel calm & at ease, and that’s very intentionally crafted.

There are three main ways you can create your signature scent for the ultimate calming master retreat.

  1. The most important (and sometimes least fun) method to start your room right is to deep clean. I know, not exciting. But starting with a clean slate will allow you to bring in a new experience. We’re talking bedding, rugs, window sills, drapes, under the bed – EVERYTHING.
  2. Collect a few small candles of one scent that you love, and place them discreetly around your space. This could include one on/in your nightstand, in your closet, or even under your bed if you are short on room. This will give your space a consistent beautiful smell without having excessive candles on every surface.
  3. Now for the best part. Grab yourself a diffuser and your favorite essential oils to mix a blend that’s all your own. Add this calming creation to your diffuser before bed to lull a dreamy sleep.

Here’s our featured one that we’re loving from Vitruvi. It’s a beautiful matte-stone finish, and worth the price tag if minimal is your vibe.

Explore different aromas to create one you adore. We pre-mix our signature blends in a separate bottle so we always have it on hand.

*note – there are many essential oils that are toxic to pets, so always do your research.


1 cup filtered water

2 drops chamomile

2 drops sage

1 drop lavender

Your clean space + grounded base of candles + diffuser blend will create magic in your bedroom. Leave us a comment with your blends to try!

Next up, let’s talk about touch. How your bedroom feels is equally as important. This is where you really want to focus on quality and materials.

Have you ever wondered what was in your pillows? Take a look. Are they stuffed with allergy causing feathers? Or a mix you can’t identify?

This year we vowed to detoxify our entire homes, and we started with pillows. If you want to swap yours out try Avocado, but remember – it’s an investment for your health when you get certified organic non-toxic pillows. It’s a bit of a cost, but we consider it worth it when you spend {8} hours a night sleeping on it and breathing it in. Seems important, right?

Sheets are next on the list. When’s the last time you bought sheets? Go ahead, we’ll wait….

It’s probably time to think about swapping. Now, if you have amazing sheets definitely hold onto them as a spare. We always encourage responsible purchases and sustainability. But if you are in need of a new pair, these are getting rave reviews all around! Made in Portugal from 100% Egyptian cotton, we’re in for the long haul with these.

For our surf-inspired master suite, we layered on this hemp & cotton sustainable duvet from West Elm. And we can’t get enough of it! The neutrals are soft + creamy, with just the right amount of pattern for this space to keep it clean & warm. With fresh pillows, sheets, and a cozy duvet, you’ll melt right into bed every night.

Self-care can be as simple as that. A clean, comfortable, calming space for you to recharge. Sacred spaces don’t have to be complicated, just well intentioned.

The last piece of your sanctuary puzzle, PLANTS! This is the best small cost, but high impact item you can add. This month, we are focusing our love on the snake plant. They are known for taking in toxins, and pumping out pure oxygen. Check out our #POTM for more deets on these survivors!

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Rachel + Lauren

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