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January 24, 2020

Organize Your Way to a Balanced Life


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Healthy Habitation
Bedroom edition


organize your way
to a balanced life




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This is the place to explore the beauty of Design & Coastal Life+Style. We will share everything that makes our hearts happy. Local spots, creators, authentic souls we meet, good vibes, and of course our beautiful design community.


We’re going to equip you with our top three golden rules of clearing your clutter. You can do this one day at a time, or tackle over a few weekends because let’s face it – you’re probably not out partying anymore. Or if you are, kudos. We’ll be here excited to kick back with Netflix waiting for the next season of YOU. Who’s with me?

OK, back to business. We are going to roll through our closet with you because this is the number one place where lost + forgotten things go. I can’t tell you how many people we’ve helped clear out piles of clothes, most with the tags still on. These areas are hot zones of throwing things in and closing the doors. Now it’s time to get ready, because it’s about to go down. Click here to get access to our Ready, Set, Balanced checklist packed with all the info you need to prepare for “the big clean”.

but first, the before


ONE | set a % goal

Let’s start with an easy one with a percentage goal. To be more specific, determine what percentage of items you want to release. If you are feeling brave, try a 60/40 where you donate at least 40% of your items. Even though it can feel overwhelming, just think about the feeling of someone else discovering and loving a piece that was just sitting in your drawer, never to be used again. It gets a second life and reduces demand for fast-fashion and some of the less-than-desirable things that come with it.

The most productive way to do this is by emptying out your entire closet *thank you Marie Kondo*. Yep, the entire closet. You may be thinking, well… I don’t have to take it all out, or… I don’t have time for that. But trust the process, we’ve wrestled with it too and found it really is the best way to remove anything that is no longer serving you.

Make a giant pile on the top of your bed with everything. This will give you some perspective on how much stuff you really have, and it’s more than you think. It makes the “I don’t have anything to wear” colloquialism hilarious when you step back and look at your giant pile. And if it’s true that you don’t have anything you want to wear, then this is your time to shine! Get rid of it. Move on and open your life, and closet, to better things.

Next step, grab a few totes, cardboard boxes, and post-its. Label the boxes as “donate”, and put two post-its on the bottom of your bed. A “storage” label, and a “keep” label.

If you don’t have any stickies or totes laying around, here are a few of our faveys:

These midnight hued beauties.

We love these totes for the extra inches above the top of the lid.

Reusable note pads, good for the planet!

Here’s our challenge to you. After you go through every-single-item, push yourself to give away one more thing. It may sound strange, but trust us – you won’t miss it and you’ll open even more space for freshness in your life.

An alternative to donation is an idea that we’ve been loving from our friend Holly at @hollyandhomestead. Try hosting a swap where you gather your friends, have a little feast and trade your lightly loved goods. It gives a perfect reason to reconnect with your friends & family, and build your community.

TWO | invest wisely

In organizers, baskets, & bowls (oh my). You can fit so much more into your space if you have the proper tools.

Why we love baskets & bins:

  • They keep us organized. Tip: Add one for each person using the closet to use as a “catch-all” for the little items that collect over the week. Designate a day each week to clean these out and stay organized.
  • They add texture and dimension to an otherwise lackluster space.
  • Most of the time, they are very inexpensive. Try going to estate sales, rummage sales, or your local Homegoods.
  • But if you want a hands-down-incredible-and-authentic piece, go for the collection of baskets from The Citizenry. These Java Rattan baskets make our hearts skip a beat. Shop it here!

Another great yet simple investment, matching hangers. This effortless swap will elevate the entire visual feel of your wardrobe. Our obsession with matching hangers started back in college, and just escalated from there. We went from matching plastic to the upgraded non-slip monochromatic velvet hangers that grace our closets today.

Right now we’re LOVING these raw, natural wood hangers and adding to our collection as we type.

For a classic hanger, try these:

THREE | style it up

Let the good times roll. It’s time to style your closet. When we get to this part with most of our clients and we start to talk about styling closets (or cabinets for that matter), we often get a confused expression. Honestly, why shouldn’t the area where you start your day be a place of zen. Seems important, but is often overlooked. Not today, friends!

You probably have the perfect styling essentials already. Take a look around and shop your space. If you’re like us, you probably have a few (or five) totes, bins, or shelves filled with goods you love but don’t have a place for – this is the time to break those out of storage and into the light.

The key is to leave space open for your curated goods, which is why we love the 60/40 rule.

We’ve gathered a collection of heirloom items, locally sourced finds, and our daily clearing essentials. Try stacking items together with a color story. Pick a few neutrals, and 1-2 colors to energize your space.

Mix in a variety of textures, hues, and styles. We added hand-carved vases, large recycled African glass beads with a sea-washed finish, selenite for a juxta to lighten the mood.

If you haven’t found the right pieces to reuse from your own collection, here are a few to consider for your home from curators we love.

Styling Essentials

Mango Wood from the lovely Garage Collective

The deeply scented Palo Santo we can’t live without.

Long-term obsession: PF Candles

This adorable little vase is perfect for matches, pens, or any small goods that collect in your space.

If you want a beautiful book in your closet collection, The Sea is a soothing addition.


We’ve got to be honest – there is something about a beautifully clean + styled closet that is just so gratifying. It’s a mood booster to start your day organized, with the added bonus of saving you valuable time. Getting ready will feel effortless, so you can focus your energy on other aspects of your life. Maybe that means a five minute meditation routine, or getting to your meeting on time. It could simply add a few extra minutes with your kids & fur babies, or squeezing that lemon water in. We truly + deeply hope we can help you start your day centered, and free up more space for what you enjoy in life.

Now for the final style!

Drum roll, please ~~~

If you need help releasing your life of clutter, or creating a balanced + clear space, we’re here for you! Send us an email at and let’s schedule a design date together!

Rachel + Lauren

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