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December 14, 2018

Delicious Christmas Crunch Treats


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We absolutely LOVE white chocolate + peppermint over here. Legit obsession category. It starts with the peppermint white hot cocoa from Starbucks, then rolls throughout the holiday season in our household.

We’ve been making this addicting recipe since the first year out of college when holiday parties and work functions always meant bringing mass quantities of delicious treats! It goes by many names, Christmas Crack, White Trash, but we stick with the name Christmas Crunch in this family.

Here’s why we love it.

  1. It’s super SIMPLE to make and customize it to your own style.
  2. Honestly, if you have a thing for white chocolate – this will be your new jam. It’s too good to stop eating.
  3. It’s fast, which means you can whip up a batch whenever you need it! Last minute gathering? Holiday party? Bake sale? You got it. This should be your new go-to recipe for any time you need a sweet treat.
  4. It’s completely versatile – you can swap out the colored sprinkles and M&Ms to make this for any season. Don’t forget to play with your favorite ingredients too, add pecans, cranberries, or whatever floats your boat.

Now, on to the recipe!

The first ingredient is debatable.  Personally, I’m a Crispix lover to the core – but some people prefer Chex. Your choice, but choose wisely.

The second ingredient can also be swapped, white chocolate vs. almond bark and the great debate about which is better. The difference between the two are that almond bark does not contain any chocolate liquor or cacao, instead it’s made from vegetable fats with coloring and flavors added. Personally, I’m a true white chocolate fan because if you can use the real stuff, why not? But, it’s up to you.

You can customize it to your preference by adding a variety of nuts, or dried fruit, or even (gasp)… a second cereal!

When we are at Target, I always snag extra treat bags from the baking aisle so I’m prepared when the time comes to bust out this recipe. This year we found the cutest little snowglobe baggies! Check out the Christmas aisle at Target to get yours.


8 Cups Crispix or Chex Cereal

3 ½  Cups White Chocolate – Brand

1 cups M&M’s (Mint or Peppermint)

3 cups Pretzel Sticks

Blue Sprinkles + Clear Sprinkles

Parchment paper

Cookie Sheet or countertop surface


Heat white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds at a time, stirring each time until the chocolate chips are fully melted. I usually take it out while they hold a little of their form the stir rapidly and let the heat of the bowl melt the remaining pieces.

In a separate large mixing bowl, add the cereal, pretzel sticks, and any nuts/fruit. Pour half of the white chocolate mixture over the ingredients and then mix continuously until everything is coated. Then, take the remaining chocolate and pour it over the entire bowl, mixing again. This ensures it has a good coating.

I sprinkle the M&M’s in after you have added the two coats of chocolate and lightly fold them into the mixture so they are coated, but don’t start losing their color entirely.

Spread everything from the bowl out in a thin layer on a cookie sheet or countertop lined with parchment paper while it’s still warm.

At this time, get out your sprinkles and start decorating! I add a light layer of blue and clear sprinkles to the top of everything. Then I mix in white snowflake sprinkles. Again, use whichever colors and shapes that speak to you.

Let everything cool for at least 30 minutes. After that, break off into chunks and start stuffing it into your treat bags. Et, voila! That’s it. Easy, right? It’s basically heat-and-eat with some fun added.

Let us know if you try it, and tag us in your pictures on Instagram at @Explorecoast! We would love to see and comment on your amazing baking creations and see how you transform this easy recipe for your friends + family.

Happy holidays!

Rachel #LuxeCoastHolidays

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