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December 12, 2018

All the Things to Eat in Encinitas


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When this new food haven moved into town, we couldn’t wait to try it! Goodonya Organic Eatery, the name says it all.

We popped into this adorable establishment with a few friends from out of town. Isn’t it always better with friends? Everyone orders something that you get to try. We are longtime vegetarians, and our friends are health fanatics – the best part was how incredibly excited they were that places like this existed.

Outdoor seating is a lovely perk of San Diego living, and we dig the street culture in North County. You can feel the laid-back vibes flow through the air.

Here’s the deal, you have to try the buttery, house-made French Toast. It’s so worth it! Pick your own bread, and get the brekky started with a side of sweet maple syrup.

Now, if you’re looking for a lighter + healthier option, go for the Edible Alchemy’s Coconut Yogurt! I’ve had a fair share of these bowls living in southern CA, they are everywhere – but this one is on point. Crunchy cashew granola with heaps of ripe fruit, all drizzled with raw honey. Boom.

If you are looking for a laid back, lively spot for food with friends, we highly recommend this boutique spot.


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